Turn the Oven on…The Baker is Back


November 16, 2014 by epaduani

Life has this uncanny knack for getting in the way of things we want to accomplish.  This blog is a great example of that.  At the beginning of 2013 I set out to complete all of the recipes in Beard on Bread in one year, yet by November 2013 I had only completed 33 of the recipes in the book.  Fast forward one entire year from that 33rd loaf of bread and you arrive at where I am at today…ready to bake again.  It’s almost as if I can hear Barry Manilow singing “I’m ready to bake some bread again…”

Some of you may recall that in July of last year my family relocated to sunny Florida to begin the next phase of our lives.  Transitions like that tend to be challenging, and plenty of things fall by the wayside.  Sadly, bread baking was one of those things that disappeared off into the not-too-far-away periphery of my life.  Considering the quality of bread that one can get on the Florida panhandle, I should never have allowed this to happen.  But it did.

Everyone is entitled to a second chance, a new beginning if you will.  I woke up today and said the magic words “I’m going to bake bread today”.  After a year in the wilderness I shall resume my place on the path to bread baking excellence.  Jim and I shall again become one as my quest to master his 100 loaves of bread begins anew.  In the words of Frank Constanza…I’m back, baby.

Happy Baking…finally.


One thought on “Turn the Oven on…The Baker is Back

  1. Rick Reid says:

    In the words of John Sebastian

    Welcome Back

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